Soldering Flux


Rosin Based Flux with excellence through hole fill

NS-F850 ensures excellent wetting of all PCB and component substrates to deliver maximum through hole fill and facilitates the solder drainage that ensures minimum bridges and icicles. It is the ideal flux for lead-free wave soldering.

Wetting Balance Test

Left : Previous Product
Right : NS-f850
Excellent Through-Hole Filling for Maximum Reliability


Completely Halogen-Free Flux with matt finish

Completely halogen-free containing no F, Cl, Br or I for high reliability.
Excellent hole fill and topside fillet. Excellent drainage for minimum shorts.

Mat Finish

Left : Previous (Halogeneted) Product
Right :NS-F901
Mat finish for easy inspection


Low solid content Flux

NS-F850-8 Easier fluxer maintenance.Reduced bridging or icicles.Good barrel fill performance.

Through-holes  NS-F850-8

Left : Low solid content

Right : NS-F850-8

Good solder penetration of through-holes