ISO Initiatives

Nihon Superior has been fully certified by ISO9001 and ISO14001.

ISO9001 (Quality Management Systems)

Quality Policy

We shall construct systems to manufacture products that meet customers’ demands, by observing the laws, promptly and economically, in accordance with ISO14001, and achieve customer satisfaction by continuous improvement.

Quality Objectives

We shall aim at manufacture of products with high quality, competitive price, and short lead-time, and pursue higher levels of customer satisfaction.

  • We shall construct and maintain the quality management system in accordance with ISO9001:2008.
  • Staff members at all levels of the Quality Organization shall conduct quality activities in accordance with the quality management system.
  • We shall familiarize all of our business establishments with the importance of satisfying customers’ needs and the legal requirements called for by laws and regulations.
  • All personnel involved in quality activities shall assume obligation to follow this quality policy.
  • In order to accomplish this quality policy, we shall set up an annual goal.
  • We shall review this quality policy in order to maintain its appropriateness.

Enactment : June, 2004 Revision : May, 2011
Tetsuro Nishimura, President Nihon Superior Co., Ltd.

Commitment to quality

Perpetual quest for superior products:The endless challenges.

Although Nihon Superior’s products are already highly regarded by our many customers we realize that we cannot “rest on our laurels”. The needs of our customers are increasing in diversity and sophistication and we must maintain a sustained effort if we are to continue to satisfy those needs. Our overriding objective is continuous improvement of environmentally friendly products while maximizing customer satisfaction.