ISO Initiatives

Nihon Superior has been fully certified by ISO9001 and ISO14001.

ISO14001 (Environmental Management Systems)

Environmental Policy

Recognizing the achievement of a balance with the global environment as one of the most important challenges facing all humankind, Nihon Superior is committed to accomplishing its goals by keeping considerations of global environmental preservation always at the forefront of its business activities.

Environmental Policies

Given our role as a manufacturer and seller of metal-joining materials, Nihon Superior undertakes the following activities in accordance with our environmental philosophy.

Striving to reduce the burden our activities place on the environment and engage in business activities with a view toward environmental soundness.

  • Supply environmentally friendly lead-free solder
  • Reviewing the way we collect, treat, and refine dross, and ensuring that it can be reused and recycled
  • Using resources efficiently and developing energy-saving processes.
  • Reducing waste and recycling.

Establishing environmental targets and goals in each of these areas. Conducting reviews based on the results of internal audits.

Observing relevance environmental regulations and standards as well as the other guidelines to which our company adheres. Also, striving to prevent environmental pollution.

Developing and firmly establishing an environmental management system, and making continuous improvements to that system by conducting periodic environmental audits.

Providing environmental education events and other internal activities, disseminating knowledge about our environmental policies to all employees, and disclosing such policies outside the company as necessary.